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Ikarus virus.utilities 2.0

Scans, blocks and removes malware from your computer
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IKARUS virus.utilities is an anti-virus and malware protection application for Windows. Featuring an optimized user friendly interface it presents different utilities to prevent spam, remove malware, block phishing, analyze websites, block key loggers and do other useful protection tasks.
IKARUS virus.utilities protects your computer against virus attacks from memory devices, such as USB sticks. It also has automatic virus database and application updates; it is installed and uninstalled easily (unlike other popular antivirus software); and it has an On Demand Scanner to perform manual scans, quarantines and removals at the user’s will.
As of this version, it now has full MS Outlook support to scan all emails and attachments, thus preventing spam and any other threats. The program works quietly on the background and doesn’t demand as much resources as Norton or McAfee antivirus programs.
On the downside, the virus protection engine detects many false positives, such as visual basic macros. But a great advantage is fast rapid tech support response since quarantined items are sent to the company and in a short time they send a reply saying whether it's a virus or not.

Max Santillana
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  • Rapid tech support response
  • Website check
  • Excellent virus definitions
  • Runs in background
  • Scans very fast
  • Detects and removes
  • Blocks supsicious activity
  • SPAM blocker


  • Detects many false positives
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